Junior DHA Chews

Junior DHA Chews

Nutrition for Growing Brains

Expires Jul 18

DHA, a polyunsaturated Omega 3 fatty acid derived from marine source, is a major lipid in the brain. It helps maintain normal brain function, and support memory and cognitive development in growing children.

Functions of DHA

  • DHA is essential for neurological development and supports cognitive function and mental health.
  • DHA supports children’s vision. Essential fatty acids are found in the retina of eyes and aids normal vision function.
  • This essential fatty acid supports a healthy heart in active children.

Formulated for…

Children who avoid fish, use devices and study.


Option 1: Essential nutrients for children

    60 chewy tablets (exp 08/18)     ($13.12NZD)    

Each tablet provides: Fish Oil powder 273mg Providing DHA 30mg. This product contains Sorbitol, Dextrose, Flavours, Tableting Aid and Natural Colour (Beetroot Powder).

Children (age 3-7): Chew 1-3 tablets daily. Children (age 8+): Chew 1-3 tablets twice daily. Take preferably with food, or as professionally recommended. ADULT SUPERVISION RECOMMENDED.

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